Explore OKD Networking Concepts


  • Identify the components of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform software-defined networking and configure some of the components


  • Describe the ingress components of OKD and create a route


  • Introducing OpenShift Software-Defined Networking
  • Networking Model
  • Using Services for Accessing Pods
  • Defining Service Types
  • Discussing the DNS Operator and DNS Records for Services
  • The Cluster Network Operator
  • Network Modes
  • Comparing and Contrasting Network Modes
  • Multus Container Network Interface (CNI)
  • Accessing Application from External Networks
  • Methods for Managing Ingress Traffic
  • Route Options and Route Types
  • Insecure Routes
  • Securing Applications with Edge Routes
  • Securing Applications with Pass-through Routes


  • Lab 6.1 - Create a Route to Access the Frontend service
  • Lab 6.2 - Create a Secure Edge Route