Managing a Cluster with the Web Console


  • Manage an OKD cluster using the web console


  • Perform cluster administration with the web console.
  • Manage cluster workloads with the web console.
  • Examine the metrics page and dashboard within the web console.


  • Describing the Web Console
  • Accessing the OKD Web Console
  • Finding Resources
  • Creating Users and Groups
  • Creating a Project
  • Exploring Workload Resources
  • Managing Workloads
  • Deploying Applications
  • Installing and Using Operators
  • Viewing Cluster Metrics
  • Viewing Project Metrics
  • Viewing Resource Metrics
  • Performing Prometheus Queries in the Web Console


  • Lab 10.1 - Identify and Accessing Web Console
  • Lab 10.2 - Review the openshift-console-operator and openshift-console pod Logs
  • Lab 10.3 - Review the Console, Image, and OAuth Cluster Settings
  • Lab 10.4 - Review the admin, edit, and view Cluster Roles
  • Lab 10.5 - Add a Tester User Entry to the Localusers Secret via Web Console
  • Lab 10.6 - Create and Configure a New Project Named console-apps via Web Console