Modul Securing Access to OpenShift Resources


  • Configure and manage authentication with an identity provider


  • Describe the resources associated with OpenShift authentication and authorization
  • Authenticate as a cluster administrator using the kubeconfig file or kubeadmin virtual user
  • Configure the HTPasswd identity provider for OpenShift authentication
  • Assign a user to a cluster role
  • Define role-based access controls and apply permissions to users
  • Create and apply secrets to manage sensitive information
  • Create service accounts and apply permissions to pods


  • Users and Groups
  • Authenticating API Requests
  • The Authentication Operator
  • Identity Providers
  • Role-based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Default Roles
  • User Types
  • Secrets Overview
  • Features and Types of Secrets
  • Use Cases for Secrets
  • Security Context Constraints (SCCs)


  • Lab 5.1 - Configuring HTPasswd Identity Providers
  • Lab 5.2 - Create Users from the Secret
  • Lab 5.3 - Update User Password from the Secret
  • Lab 5.4 - Delete User from the Secret
  • Lab 5.5 - Defining and Applying Permissions using RBAC
  • Lab 5.6 - Managing Sensitive Information With Secrets
  • Lab 5.7 - Controlling Application Permissions with Security Context Constraints (SCC)
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