Creating Sample Applications

You can use the basic sample applications in the +Add flow of the Developer perspective to create, build, and deploy applications quickly.

The following procedure explains the Samples option in the Developer perspective to create a sample application.

1. In the +Add view, click Samples to see the Samples page.

2. On the Samples page, select one of the available sample applications to see the Create Sample Application form.

3. In the Create Sample Application Form:

  • In the Name field, the deployment name is displayed by default. You can modify this name as required.
  • In the Builder Image Version, a builder image is selected by default. You can modify this image version by using the Builder Image Version drop-down list.
  • A sample Git repository URL is added by default.

4. Click Create to create the sample application. The build status of the sample application is displayed on the Topology view. After the sample application is created, you can see the deployment added to the application.