Creating Users and Groups

The secrets editor and similar tools can make it quicker and easier to manage users and groups than using the oc command.

OpenShift supports a variety of identity providers (IdPs), including LDAP and OpenID Connect. This course discusses HTPasswd, which is a simple identity provider that uses a flat file stored as a secret.

After using a terminal to generate the HTPasswd entry, switch to the web console to append the entry to the secret. In the web UI, locate the secret in the openshift-config project and then click Actions → Edit Secret. The Edit Key/Value Secret tool handles the base64 encryption for you.

Groups do not have a specialized page in the web console, nor do they have a menu option to navigate directly to them. The easiest way to create a group is to select Group from the resource type list on the Search page and then click Create Group to use the YAML editor.