Default Monitoring Targets

In addition to the components of the stack itself, the default monitoring stack monitors:

  • CoreDNS
  • Elasticsearch (if Logging is installed)
  • etcd
  • Fluentd (if Logging is installed)
  • HAProxy
  • Image registry
  • Kubelets
  • Kubernetes apiserver
  • Kubernetes controller manager
  • Kubernetes scheduler
  • Metering (if Metering is installed)
  • OKD apiserver
  • OKD controller manager
  • Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM)

When monitoring is enabled for user-defined projects, you can monitor:

  • Metrics provided through service endpoints in user-defined projects.
  • Pods running in user-defined projects.

Other OKD framework components might be exposing metrics as well. For details, see their respective documentation.