Displaying the Logs of OKD Nodes

Most of the infrastructure components of OKD are containers inside pods; you can view their logs the same way you view logs for any end-user application. Some of these containers are created by the Kubelet, and thus invisible to most distributions of Kubernetes, but OpenShift cluster operators create pod resources for them.

An OKD node based on Fedore CoreOS runs very few local services that would require direct access to a node to inspect their status. Most of the system services in Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS run as containers. The main exceptions are the CRI-O container engine and the Kubelet, which are Systemd units. To view these logs, use the oc adm node-logs command as shown in the following examples:

oc adm node-logs -u crio my-node-name

oc adm node-logs -u kubelet my-node-name

You can also display all journal logs of a node:

oc adm node-logs my-node-name