Lab 10.2 - Review the OKD-console-operator and OKD-console pod Logs

1. In the OKD web UI, click HomeProjects to display the Projects page.

2. Type console in the Filter by name field and then click the openshift-console-operator link.

3. Click Workloads and then click 1 of 1 pods to navigate to the console-operator replica set.

4. Click the pod name marked by the P icon to navigate to the consoleoperator pod.

5. Review the pod details Overview page and notice the pod metrics, running status, and volumes.

6. Click YAML to navigate to the pod resource editor.

7. Click Logs to view the console operator logs.

8. Open the Project list and type openshift-console to switch to the openshift-console project

9. Click the first pod in the table and then click Terminal to connect to the pod