Lab 10.5 - Add a Tester User Entry to the Localusers Secret via Web Console

1. On the podX-bastion server, create a tester user with rahasia as a password using htpasswd

htpasswd -n -b tester rahasia

# Save the value

2. In the OKD web UI, click WorkloadsSecrets

And then select openshift-config from the Project filter list to display the secrets for the openshift-config project.

3. Use the filter or scroll to the bottom of the page to locate and then click the htp-secret link.

4. Click ActionsEdit Secret at the upper right of the page to navigate to the Edit Key/Value Secret tool.

5. Append the htpasswd value in the OKD web console's secrets editor, and then click Save.

6. Try to login with the tester as a user.