Lab 10.6 - Create and Configure a New Project Named console-apps via Web Console

1. Log in as the admin user

2. Click HomeProjects to view the Projects page, and then click Create Project.

3. Type console-apps in the Name field, and then provide an optional Display Name and Description. Click Create.

4. Click AdministrationResource Quotas and then click Create Resource Quota.

Modify the YAML document as follows:

apiVersion: v1
kind: ResourceQuota
  name: quota
  namespace: console-apps
    pods: '10'
    requests.cpu: '2'
    requests.memory: 8Gi
    limits.cpu: '4'
    limits.memory: 12Gi

Click create.

5. Click AdministrationLimitRanges and then click Create Limit Range.

Modify the YAML document to specify default memory and CPU container limits and requests:

apiVersion: v1
kind: LimitRange
  name: limit-range
  namespace: console-apps
    - default:
        cpu: 500m
        memory: 5Gi
        cpu: 10m
        memory: 100Mi
      type: Container

Click create.

6. Click HomeSearch and then select Group from the Select Resource list. Click Create Group

And use the editor to define a Group resource as follows:

kind: Group
  name: project-team
  - developer
  - tester

Click Create to create the new project-team group.

7. Click User ManagementRole Bindings

8. Click Create Binding and fill out the form as follows to create a role binding for the project-team group.

  • Binding Type: Namespace Role Binding (RoleBinding)
  • Name: team
  • Namespace: console-apps
  • Role Name: edit
  • Subject: Group
  • Subject Name: project-team

Click Create to create the namespaced RoleBinding.

9. Return to the Role Bindings page and click Create Binding to create a role binding for the leader user. Fill out the form as follows:

  • Binding Type: Namespace Role Binding (RoleBinding)
  • Name: leader
  • Namespace: console-apps
  • Role Name: admin
  • Subject: User
  • Subject Name: leader

Click Create to create the namespaced RoleBinding.

10. Log out and then log back in as the developer/tester/leader user.

Ensure that the console-apps project exists and gets the appropriate role.