Lab 13.1 - Review Detail of the Monitoring Resources

1. Login as the admin user

oc login -u admin -p rahasia

2. Make sure you are in the default project

oc project default
oc project -q

3. List the pods in the openshift-monitoring namespace

oc get pod -n openshift-monitoring

4. Show detail pods in the openshift-monitoring namespace

oc describe pods node-exporter-54zk4 -n openshift-monitoring

5. List the routes in the openshift-monitoring namespace. Identify the monitoring host and port.

oc -n openshift-monitoring get routes

6. Open a web browser and navigate to the

7. In the login panel, select my_htpasswd_provider as an identity provider.

  • User: admin
  • Password: rahasia

8. Click Home → Project, type openshift-monitoring by the name field. Notice the Utilization in the overview tab