Lab 13.2 - Monitoring Cluster Resouces

1. Click Workloads → Deployments and select all projects from the project list at the top.

2. Type console in the Filter by the name field

3. Select openshift-console and you will see the deployment of it

4. Click Workloads → Replica Sets and type openshift-console in the Filter by name field.

Deployments declare a ReplicaSet to ensure that a specified number of pods are always running.

5. In the status column, click 2 of 2 pods to display the console ReplicaSet pod list.

6. Click Monitoring → Dashboards to display the Dashboards Overview page.

Scroll down to the Cluster Utilization section, which displays a time-series historical graph of the cluster's CPU, memory, and disk usage.

7. Click Monitoring → Dashboards. Select:

  • Dashboard: Kubernetes / Compute Resources / Workload
  • Namespace: console-apps
  • workload: books
  • type: deployment

Notice the Memory Usage, CPU Usage, and network bandwidth graphs on the page.

8. Click Home → Projects and then click console-apps to display the console-apps Project Details page.

Notice the quota resource quota section, which displays the current CPU and memory usage compared to the allotted quota. The workloads are running safely within their limits.

9. Click Compute → Nodes, then click any of the nodes in the list.

10. On the Node Overview page, notice the time-series graphs that display the metrics for the individual node that you selected.