Lab 3.2 - Manage Roles

1. Go to Jenkins Dashboard, click Manage Jenkins

2. Navigate to Manage Plugins

In the available tab Search for role

3. Select Role-based Authorization Strategy plugins, and click on Install without restart

When all components show Success, you are done.

4. Back to Manage Jenkins, in the Security section click on Configure Global Security

5. Under Authorization Select Role-Based Strategy and click Save

6. Back to Manage Jenkins, click Manage and Assign Role

Click on Manage Roles

7. Type developer under Role to add. Click Add.

8. Select developer permission to :

  • Overall: Read
  • Credentials: Create, Delete, Update, View
  • Job: Build, Cancel, Read
  • SCM: Tag

Click Save

9. Back to Manage and Assign Role, click on Assign Roles

10. Type student under User/Group to add, and then Add.

11. In Global roles click on developer for student user.

12. Save