Lab 5.3 - Backup Jenkins

1. Access to master node, and create a specific backup folder

ssh root@10.X.X.66
mkdir /backup
chown -R jenkins:jenkins /backup/
chmod 755 /backup/  

2. Open the plugin website on your web browser:

3. Type backup in the search box, and enter

4. Click the Backup plugin, and navigate to release tab

5. Click on the latest version, and you will start downloading the .hpi file

6. Open the Jenkins dashboard, go to Manage Plugins and select the Advanced tab

7. Select the previously downloaded plugin by using the file upload option, then click Upload button

8. Wait for the end of the plugin’s installation

9. After the installation is complete, go to Manage Jenkins

10. Click Backup Manager on the Uncategorized section

11. To configure Backup Manager, click Setup

12. Configure with the following values:

  • Backup directory: /backup
  • Format: zip
  • File name template: bakup_@date@.@extension@
  • Backup content: Backup job workspace

Click save

13. To start backup process, click Backup Hudson configuration.

14. Wait for the backup to complete and you can verify the zip file on master node

ssh root@10.X.X.66
ls -lah /backup