Lab 5.4 - Managing Jenkins Disk Usage

1. Open the Jenkins dashboard and go to Manage Jenkins

2. Click Manage Plugins and select the Available tab

3. Select disk usage and then click install without restart

4. Wait for the end of the plugin’s installation

5. After the installation is complete, go to Manage Jenkins and click on Configure System

6. Go to the disk usage section configure with the following values:

  • Enable calculation of builds: 0 */1 * * *
  • Enable calculation of jobs: 0 */1 * * *
  • Enable calculation of workspace: 0 */6 * * *
  • Warn if some size is exceeded
    • Email:
    • Warn if build exceeds some size: 40GB
    • Warn if job exceeds some size: 40GB
  • Show disk usage trend graph on the project page: yes
  • Show free space of jobs directory in global graph: yes

Click Apply and then Save

7. Go to Disk Usage section on Jenkins dashboard

8. Now you can see the disk usage trend chart