In this review, you will configure, secure, and use SSH service to access remote machine, configure rsyslog service, archive local files, transfer local files to remote machine, and manage packages using yum.


You should be able to:
• Create a new SSH key pair.

• Disable SSH logins as root user.

• Disable SSH logins using password.

• Update the time zone of a server.

• Install packages and package modules using yum.

• Archive local files for backup.

• Transfer local files to remote machine.


Log in to workstation as student using student as the password.

On workstation, run lab rhcsa-rh124-review3 start to start the comprehensive review. This script creates the necessary files to set up the environment correctly.

[student@workstation ~]$ lab rhcsa-rh124-review3 start


Accomplish the following tasks on serverb to complete the exercise.

• Generate SSH keys for the user student on serverb. Do not protect the private key with a passphrase.

• On servera, configure the user student to accept logins authenticated by the SSH key pair you created for the user student on serverb. The user student on serverb should be able to log in to servera using SSH without entering a password.

• On serverb, configure the sshd service to prevent users from logging in as root via SSH.

• On serverb, configure the sshd service to prevent users from using their passwords to log in. Users should still be able to authenticate logins using an SSH key pair.

• Create a tar archive named /tmp/log.tar containing the contents of /var/log on serverb. Remotely transfer the tar archive to /tmp directory on servera, authenticating as student using the student user’s private key of the SSH key pair.

• Configure the rsyslog service on serverb to log all messages it receives that have the priority level of debug or higher to the file /var/log/grading-debug. This configuration should be set in an /etc/rsyslog.d/grading-debug.conf file, which you need to create.

• Install the zsh package, available in the BaseOS repository, on serverb.

• Enable the default module stream for the module python36 and install all provided packages from that stream on serverb.

• Set the time zone of serverb to Asia/Kolkata.


On workstation, run the lab rhcsa-rh124-review3 grade command to confirm success of this exercise.

[student@workstation ~]$ lab rhcsa-rh124-review3 grade


On workstation, run lab rhcsa-rh124-review3 finish to complete the comprehensive review. This script deletes the files and directories created during the start of the comprehensive review and ensures that the environment on serverb is clean.

[student@workstation ~]$ lab rhcsa-rh124-review3 finish

This concludes the comprehensive review.