Managing Workloads

The web console provides specialized editor pages for many workload resources. Use the Actions menu on the resource's details page to navigate to the specialized editor pages.

Some useful action pages are described below:

  • All resources feature Edit Labels and Edit Annotations editors.
  • Click Actions → Add Storage to add a Persistent Volume Claim (PVC) to a deployment.
  • To edit the replica count, navigate to the Deployment Details page and click Actions → Edit Count.
  • To modify the rolling update parameters, navigate to the Deployment Details page and click Actions → Edit Update Strategy.
  • Navigate to the Secret Details page and click Actions → Edit Secrets to display the Edit Key/Value Secret tool which automatically uses Base64 to encode and decode values.

You can also use the embedded YAML editor to create or modify workload resources. Drag and drop a JSON or YAML file into the browser-based editor to update the resource from a file without using the oc command.

Along with the ability to edit resources in a dedicated page or the embedded YAML editor, you can perform many other common operations directly from the OpenShift web console.

For example, to delete a resource, navigate to the resource's details page and click Actions → Delete Resource Type.

There is often more than one way to perform a particular task. For example, to manually scale a deployment you can navigate to the Deployment Details page and then click Actions → Edit Count, or you can click the arrows next to the pod count without leaving the page.