Manually Scaling the Number of Pod Replicas

Developers and administrators can choose to manually scale the number of pod replicas in a project. More pods may be needed for an anticipated surge in traffic, or the pod count may be reduced to reclaim resources that can be used elsewhere by the cluster.

Whether increasing or decreasing the pod replica count, the first step is to identify the appropriate deployment or deployment configuration (dc) to scale using the oc get command.

oc get deployment

The number of replicas in a deployment or deployment configuration resource can be changed manually using the oc scale command.

oc scale --replicas 5 deployment/scale

The deployment resource propagates the change to the replica set; it reacts to the change by creating new pods (replicas) or deleting existing ones, depending on whether the new desired replica count is less than or greater than the existing count.

Although it is possible to manipulate a replica set or replication controller resource directly, the recommended practice is to manipulate the deployment or deployment configuration resource instead.

A new deployment creates either a new replica set or a new replication controller and changes made directly to a previous replica set or replication controller are ignored.