Minimum Resource Requirements

Each cluster machine must meet the following minimum requirements:

Machine Operating System vCPU [1] Virtual RAM Storage
Bootstrap FCOS 4 16 GB 120 GB
Control Plane FCOS 4 16 GB 120 GB
Compute FCOS 2 8 GB 120 GB


  • 1 vCPU is equivalent to 1 physical core when simultaneous multithreading (SMT), or hyperthreading, is not enabled. When enabled, use the following formula to calculate the corresponding ratio: (threads per core × cores) × sockets = vCPUs.
  • As with all user-provisioned installations, if you choose to use Fedora 7 compute machines in your cluster, you take responsibility for all operating system life cycle management and maintenance, including performing system updates, applying patches, and completing all other required tasks. Use of Fedora 7 compute machines is deprecated and planned for removal in a future release of OKD 4.