Types of Ephemeral Storage

Ephemeral local storage is always made available in the primary partition. There are two basic ways of creating the primary partition: root and runtime.


This partition holds the kubelet root directory, /var/lib/kubelet/ by default, and /var/log/ directory. This partition can be shared between user pods, the OS, and Kubernetes system daemons. This partition can be consumed by pods through EmptyDir volumes, container logs, image layers, and container-writable layers. Kubelet manages shared access and isolation of this partition. This partition is ephemeral, and applications cannot expect any performance SLAs, such as disk IOPS, from this partition.


This is an optional partition that runtimes can use for overlay file systems. OKD cluster attempts to identify and provide shared access along with isolation to this partition. Container image layers and writable layers are stored here. If the runtime partition exists, the root partition does not hold any image layer or other writable storage.